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Welcome to a very personal exploration of A Course in Miracles,
one of the most significant publications in the last 2000 years.


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It is now over 25 years since I first opened the blue book. This site contains the results of my ongoing exploration of A Course in Miracles. Therefore, it will be of interest almost exclusively to students of this book and is dedicated to them. If you are new to A Course in Miracles or merely curious, I suggest you look at " A Brief Introduction...." Other than that I have no suggestions as to how to proceed. Let yourself go wherever you want to go. Take as little or as much as you like.

The section entitled "Book Chapters" represents a work in progress which may never be published other than on this site.

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Throughout history there has been only one class or type of people who have claimed to find lasting happiness, undisturbed peace and joy. They are not the rulers and politicians, nor are they the conquerors, explorers or military. They are not the wealthy and sucessful; neither are they the famous or accomplished. They are neither the artisans nor artists, scientists nor inventors. The only group who claims lasting happiness and true inner peace are called variously saints, mystics, or masters. Regardless of his or her cultural context, each claims to have come upon an actual, self-evidencing experience of his or her relationship with the universe and everything in it and, therefore, with the Ground and Source of all being, which is often conveniently called "God." A Course in Miracles is a roadmap leading to that same discovery to which Jesus of Nazareth pointed two millenia ago, "Lo, the Kingdom of Heaven is within."


It seems that the first thing to be said is that my purpose for this site is not to sell anything...books or ideas. Most of the material contained here was written down or gathered by me during the past 25 years or so since I began reading A Course in Miracles. I consider it my meditations-on-paper. The primary recipient and beneficiary of these insights is me. I consider these writings to be for me rather than from me. I am not interested in convincing you of anything or telling you what A Course in Miracles means. I do hope to stimulate deep and sincere personal inquiry on your part. Your questions are far more important than my answers.

In that vein I am not concerned whether you agree or disagree with this material, nor whether you believe or disbelieve it. The matter of truth, pundits notwithstanding, is neither a matter for belief nor debate. Truth merely is and its discovery is an intensely personal experience that cannot be reduced to words, concepts or methodology.


This site was created and is maintained for the education of all students and seekers of Truth. The cost to maintain this site is over $100 per month. I have gladly supported this site for the past 15 years and will continue to do so. If you would like to help, a donation via PayPal would be appreciated.

A Course in Miracles

daan dehn
October 29, 1998
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A Brief Introduction


A Talk
about Nothing
The Self / Ego

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