A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is leading us to an experience, an unmistakable and radically different experience, not of angels and heavenly gates, but of ourselves and the world around us; not some sort of emotional high or excitement, but a profoundly different sensibility, an entirely new way of seeing. A Course in Miracles is a radical teaching leading to fundamental transformation of the mind.

It is not a new way of thinking about what we see or of interpreting it. It is not about changing our opinions or rationalizations or adjusting attitudes. It is not about self-improvement or personal or spiritual "growth." It is not positive thinking. Nor is it about becoming a "better" or a "kinder" or a "nice" or a "virtuous" or a "more peaceful" person. It is not about improving personal relationships or making earthly life "better" or more comfortable. These are goals of the mind which is in need of transformation; they may (or may not) be the ultimate results of transformation, but they are not the goal. It is also not about "creating" some sort of utopian society or group. Nor is it about expanding, altering, or modifying our present form of consciousness. Shifting forms or different levels of consciousness are meaningless in wholeness.

The Course is leading to an actual new experience of seeing the very same thing in a radically different way, an entirely transformed mental process in which all things are actually experienced as One with the very same Source. And, either one has experienced that or not--more accurately--either one is, in this moment, experiencing this seeing or not, and, if not, he is in the state the Hindus call avidya, or ignorance.

Either we see, not abstractly or conceptually, but actually, in this radically different way, with the eyes of Christ, or we know nothing real at all, only fantasies, dream images. That is the simplicity of A Course in Miracles. It is not a one-shot experience, to be encountered once and considered done; but the goal of our life is to see only in this way, to leave our former way of perception completely behind us. It is only then that we can make a claim that we are truly "born again", healed, whole, holy.

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