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Living the concepts of ACIM

Monday, July 11th, 2011

It seems like everywhere I look these days someone is rabbitting on about “living the concepts” or principles of ACIM. There is NO SUCH THING! First of all A Course in Miracles is not a concept, not a belief “system.” And it has but one principle. ACIM is quite simple, clear and unequivocal. Either one SEES, in this moment, with spiritual vision, the eyes of Christ, or he sleeps and dreams in illusion. To see, in the terms of ACIM, means to recognize and realize there is no world, that none of what he calls “past” actually ever happened, that there is only One Life, and I am That.

Any other approach is to make the mistake of the religionists, present and past – to believe that there is some sort of model for a worldly life that would demonstrate one’s spiritual accomplishments and spiritual superiority. Nonsense! A distraction! Just more illusion. To think that one’s earthly actions would be any indication of his spiritual vision is to indulge in illusion.

It is incredibly simple and not subject to interpretation or any sort of relativity – either you see or not. There is no middle ground!

And, finally, spritual vision is not an accomplishment or achievement, it is a gift, already given. Failure to recognize the gift is purely and simply arrogance. However, in order to recognize it, one must first realize I am not me.

Beware the trap of spiritual specialness. Spiritual Person is an oxymoron of cosmic proportions.