A Question about Predestination

I recently received the following email. My answer follows the email.

Hi! I like your website. You seem to really know your stuff where ACIM is concerned. I wonder if you could take a moment to help me with a troubling question I struggle to answer. How much of the script of our life is written before we reincarnate? How much are we truly in control of our decision making and how our lives turn out? I realize we face again forgiveness we didn’t master in previous lifetimes but this is a question that really burns in me. Do you have any thoughts that might help?

Orlando, Fl

I would like to begin by reiterating what I said on the home page of the website: “Your questions are far more important than my answers.” If you are truly interested, enquire. And settle for nothing less than first-hand KNOWLEDGE of the answer. That is the problem, as I see it. Most people are all too ready to accept belief in place of actual knowledge. And beLIEf has a lie in the middle of it. If there is a God, certainly he/she/it is worthy of more than belief. We must go beyond belief to actuality, to Knowledge. For example – reincarnation…what actual direct knowledge do you have that reincarnation exists? And, if it does, what relevance is it today? The only relevant question is: Can you see? right now? Seeing in the sense meant by ACIM – spiritual vision, eyes of Christ, salvation, forgiveness, the happy dream…these are words pointing to the same experience.

From Introduction to the Manual for Teachers,

“The ego will demand many answers that this course does not give. It does not recognize as questions the mere form of a question to which an answer is impossible. The ego may ask, ‘How did the impossible occur?’, ‘To what did the impossible happen?’, and may ask this in many forms. Yet there is no answer; only an experience. Seek only this, and do not let theology delay you.”

Your question regarding predestination is an interesting one. One of the most troubling lessons in ACIM for me personally has always been Lesson 169. I suggest you reread this lesson carefully and meditate upon it.

In any case, do not believe anything. Do not settle for anything less than your direct experience of the Truth. Books, gurus, belief systems…all nonsense…only experience is real.

Lesson 169 says, “It (the mind) has become aware that there are things it does not know, and thus is ready to accept a state completely different from experience with which it is familiarly at home.”

Merry Christmas and let us remember that Christmas is a word derived from Christ Mass and holiday is from holy day.

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