Is it not possible that we are dreaming all the time and that this (which we call “reality”) is but another level of dreaming? How would one know? Does not the main figure of a dream (which is called or identified as “I”) think of himself as real…while the dream is on? Does not the experience of a “nighttime dream” seem real while it is being dreamed? And very logical and reasonable…even though, upon awakening, it seems to be the grossest sort of foolishness? From my research and experience I find there are several types of dreams, but the most common are what I call “trash” dreams. The mind just makes up stories from scraps, with no investment whatsoever in their veracity, accuracy or relevance. They mean nothing at all. Dreams (for the most part) are a sign of bad sleep. The brain never rests. As I said before, it is merely a dreaming mechanism (not really a mind at all…it really doesn’t think…rather constantly rearranges what it has already gathered) and it’s activity is non-stop.

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  1. Linda Langlois says:

    Well, yes. Certainly agree.

    The mind wrestles with these thoughts worrying about everything sometimes – even about having too many thoughts!

    If it is a dream, no need to fix. Unless you want to REALLY get involved in the dream. Just relax and enjoy the show. Putter around watching the dream unfold as you watch what the player, the subject of the dream, does with amusement and joy. Or let it play like a movie in the background. Or wrestle and torture yourself, if you choose! My (this player’s) choice!

    A tiny mad idea where the Son forgot to laugh. Laughing is seeing it for what it is. When seen as it is, it is like a child who sees monsters as being in every shadow, but now knows it is not true. No reason not to have fun with the show, the dream! Or not. This form does.

    Row, row, row your boat
    Gently down the stream
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
    Life is but a dream.

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