Channeling Jesus

Channeling Jesus.

Channeling first became popular as part of the “spiritual” culture in the 1970s. The first I can remember is Seth, followed by Lazarus. Ramtha, Mafu, and many others. Most were identified as disembodied cosmic spirits who expounded all sorts of cosmic nonsense and even advertised ice cream on television. However, people hungry for meaning in their lives latched on to these spirits enthusiastically. Until the late 1980s no one claimed to channel Jesus. After A Course in Miracles became popular, with Helen Schucman claiming to hear the voice of Jesus, many new voices of Jesus began to arise. Even one existing channel named Raj suddenly claimed he was really Jesus. Unfortunately, most channels do not understand their own process or where the voice comes from. And while there may be a cosmic consciousness to which one might be connected, more often it is only another voice within one’s own head.

Recently I received an e-mail from another of these different Jesuses claiming to have new phases for A Course in Miracles. Even a cursory reading of the initial e-mail clearly demonstrates that the voice is not the same voice that dictated A Course in Miracles. The concepts are different, the phrasing is different, the attitude is different. When I responded to this e-mail with questions about the veracity of the voice I received a very defensive e-mail attempting to justify, defend and explain this new voice. The fact that the voice felt a defensive e-mail was necessary is another illustration of its questionable nature.

In reading A Course in Miracles it becomes obvious that the source of the material is beyond most human comprehension. It is cohesive and without contradiction. The thought system it proposes is whole and thoroughly and completely developed. On the other hand, the ideas proposed by most of the other JesusesĀ are usually just a rehash of popular new age so-called “spirituality” and lack the cohesiveness and depth of A Course in Miracles. For that reason I suggest each individual reader apply a certain level of discrimination. If there are ideas or concepts which seem somehow in conflict or in opposition to one’s understanding of A Course in Miracles that the material be examined with a critical eye. For example, in the e-mail I recently received there was mention of concepts like “spiritual progress,” “spiritual development,” and “spiritual path.” None of these phrases appear anywhere in A Course in Miracles. This is a very quick clue to the fact that the voice speaking these words is not the same voice that dictated A Course in Miracles.

Helen Schucman kept an almost invisible public profile and sought no credit or fame from scribing A Course in Miracles. Unfortunately, virtually all of these other voices of Jesus do not follow the same policy. They are, quite obviously, seeking recognition and/or income. This is another clue to their lack of veracity. A Course in Miracles stands on its own and requires no additional external teachers or guides. The difficult part is that it asks one to do it on his own without external guidance. A Course in Miracles is about learning to listen to internal guidance, something which most 21st century people find most difficult. Following an external guide or guru seems a much easier path, but it is not the way of A Course in Miracles.

Beware of false prophets!

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  1. Gloria says:

    Have just come across your site and am poking around – I really like it! I got to it from a link on the UK and had also had a look at the link to Raj just before coming in here. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that guy! In spite of how comical he appeared to me, he obviously takes himself very seriously.

    I’ve been studying the Course intently for the past 5 years, having come across it 11 years ago and picked at it off an on. I have never completely accepted that it is the historical Jesus who dictated it but don’t concern myself about it much these days. It is undoubtedly coming from an inspired source and I have never read anything in it which sounds like lies, even if I don’t understand it. And of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating, or the proof of the path is in the practice. It works. Full stop.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  2. kokopelli says:

    Thank You for your interest.

  3. Linda Langlois says:

    I’m glad someone said something!

  4. Linda Langlois says:

    Over the years a very nice man has been e-mailing quotes from ACIM with sometimes a comment. Sometimes these comments did not have any particular relationship to the Course, it seemed to me. Then he started sending quotes of Raj instead of the Course. After awhile I wrote him privately about this matter – how different he seemed from the Jesus in the Course. At one point he sent me a tape of Raj speaking. Just the voice alone cemented for me my conviction that this was not the Jesus of the Course! So many “saints” put on such an appearance of being holy. The soft, “loving” kind of voice. It’s just all so sweet that it rang a huge discord. I see Jesus as one who does not put on any kind of holiness persona at all. He is wise without flaunting it. He is humorous – even irreverent at times. To me, this special sweet, “holy” kind of stuff is just another kind of specialness. It begs being put on the pedestal. Jesus is many things as we all are, but one way I like to think of him is as a wise older brother. No doubt he is holy, but it is not a holy that is set apart.

  5. Denis Boutin says:

    It’s nice to read your comments. Actually it’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to hear from other people about the book ACIM. I’ve read numerous books and one led to another and then I finally I came across the book that has it all. This book changed me and still does every day. Jesus as always been my guide and my teacher. He is my guide because me and him are one. As me and all my brothers are one in God. Every thing said in that book makes sense. There is no contradiction, no telling you to search for external help of some kind. Every things is within us. We just have to let go of all the illusions to remember what we really are. I’m glad to hear positive comments about this book coming from other people. Although I’d really like to hear from you regularly, I know as well, that the ones that did’nt read the book need our help as well. I try in my every day life to put Jesus teachings into practice. Not a day goes by where I’m not put in front of a situation or experience, and have to make a choice. This time I have a guide that remembers me that peace and love is the only choice I have to make in order for those illusions to disapear. Jesus was an example for me and for many. I can only return his love by giving it to my brothers. Thank you all for your contribution to bring inner peace in every ones life.

  6. Jake says:

    I believe Raj.

    Wapnick’s view of the world. That it is not real is so easy one, which almost every knows in Eastern tradition.

    But Raj’s explanation is totally different. Maybe Contrary to your belief, he doesn’t try to teach what the world is. He asks. What is the “world” that Even God does not know it’s existence?

    It is material? If you Think it’s material, then What Is material?

    He urges to exlpore it ourselves, which is a common trait of a good teacher. He presents the way how to do that. He says that we have to be undefending, unguarding, without any precondition, with genuine curiosity.

    Raj, contrary to your belief, does not try to put things into our head.

    His explanation on the Course makes the Course a lot worthwhile book.

    Just check out his explanation on the principles of the miracles.

    Here you can access to 2002-Aug-7th. Transcript on the definition of miracles and principles of miracles.

  7. Alberta says:

    After listening to some of the Raj tapes over and over again on my way to and from work over these last 6 months, I’ve decided to keep an open mind concerning Raj. At first I had a difficult time looking past a particular attitude or choice of words, but there were moments when his words hit me with joy like a two by four:), and moments when his words gave me so much peace and overwhelming feelings of love. I just kept and will continue asking for guidance from the Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus.

    I don’t know if he is the voice of Jesus or not, but at this point in the very beginning of my “journey without distance” toward awakening, I have found much needed guidance that has helped me to reach a deeper understanding of the Course material, but more importantly it has helped me experience from time to time a deep inner peace and joy that I can’t explain. For me this is truth. I will continue to listen to his guidance until God leads me elsewhere.

    I believe we are all lead in different directions to the same destination


  8. kokopelli says:

    Amen and thank you for following your own inner guidance.

  9. keith says:

    My commitment is to follow only Jesus. This saves me from pain in any form.
    Consider the problem. I am dreaming a dream with the dream figures being keith and every other dream figure that seems to stand between me and Gods perfect peac e, including the dream figure of time. I need to leave that dream to Jesus. All of it. No exception, i can,t value paul, or raj , or the pope no matter how important they claim they are. They are only my own dream figure. I can t be distracted from the question”do i want the dream?”My commitment is to Jesus and not to any dream figure i made.

  10. kokopelli says:

    Hi, Keith-
    Sorry to be so long in replying. How does your Jesus differ from the other dream figures?


  11. Scott Cleaves says:

    I’ve received well over a dozen Christian mystical experiences since the age of 12 (I’m now 56), including a glimpse of what the Course refers to as “the real world. I can also state without hesitation that the physical universe and the ego are 100% opposites of Heaven and God. I don’t need anyone to tell me differently based upon their beliefs because I have SEEN it for myself. For me, Knowledge trumps beliefs hands down. Please feel free to contact me any time.

    Scott Cleaves

  12. kokopelli says:

    Absolutely! Thanks, Scott

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