There is no way to reconcile ACIM with any form of psychotherapy

A psychologist friend of mine and I were having lunch. I asked what is the function of psychotherapy. His reply was to help the person cope. I asked, “Is coping the highest level we can hope for?”

All forms of psychotherapy attempt to repair the individual and make him/her whole within himself. A Course in Miracles says that in Truth there is no such thing as the individual. The individual is the symbol of Brokenness Itself.  The only True wholeness is in the realization of Oneness.

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  1. Ron says:

    Hi, And thank you for the site. I am interested in discussing this point as I too think that your friend’s reply is inadequate. Psychology is the study of the ego, so says Ken Wapnick, a seemingly reasonable statement as it certainly is not a study of the Holy Spirit or God.

    And we cannot deny the Course statement that there is no such thing as an individual. The problem is as I see it is that we still seem to be believe that we are manifest as an individual. If we aspire to transcend the “brokenness” of the incarnate state we have work to do, albeit illusory. If we then consider that psychotherapy’s job is to assist illusions to disappear, then it indeed has an important job to do. A job too difficult to do on your own, a “healed” psychotherapist will work “miracles” in assisting an “individual illusion” find his/her place, as the leap from illusion to absolute reality is far to great for most of us to encompass.

    Thanking you for the opportunity to think aloud,
    Ron Sherwood

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