No wonder I am an agnostic!!!

I was looking up something health related on the web the other day and came across this statement on a homeopathy site:

“Life is structured by the Creator to give to each human being some setbacks. That is the way a human being realises the power of God and gets closer to God.”

What a load of bull!! What sort of Creator creates flawed creations? Would that not mean that this Creator was itself flawed? How could a loving, perfect Creator purposely create something to suffer “setbacks?” And why would he/she? This is not a God, but a demon.

I think there is a need to question all the various sorts of gods that the world believes in. For the most part I want nothing to do with being part of the kingdom of any of these man-created gods.

“God created man in his own image
And man, being a gentleman, returned the favor.”

—Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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  1. Schmallan says:

    If you were to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM) you would learn that God did not create this universe. Just as George Carlin asked about “what kind of god would create this horrible mess”, you are asking about flawed creations. Good enough! And a fair question.

    But if you were to spend some time with ACIM you’d find a viewpoint that explains why we are all living on such a “psycho planet” where people kill one another, hate one another, seek revenge, attack one another…and more. God did not create this place. You can learn more about who did, and why this can all be considered a “dream of separation” by checking out the Course. For starters, you can visit

    Peace and love to you, brother.

  2. kokopelli says:

    Obviously you have not read my website. Living in the world is a moment-to-moment exercise in profound paradox. Don’t make a problem of it. When you know the truth of the words you espouse you will understand.

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