The Fourth Obstacle to Peace

I have spoken several times on the Obstacles to Peace. The fourth and final obstacle is The Fear of God. When presented with this, most sort of laugh it off. But this is serious. God is Absolute. God is Infinite. In this world of relativity, absolute is terrifying. “thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (first commandment). ACIM echoes, “God is our only goal, our only Love.” ONLY! No other goals, no other loves. Isn’t that scary?

Last night I was watching a program on BBC. During the program there was a reference to “The Hound of Heaven,” a nineteenth century poem by Francis Thompson. One of the lines repeats this theme:

” Yet was I sore adread
Lest having Him, I must have naught beside.”

Nothing else….only God! Who is not afraid of this? If I were to summarize this poem, I would say…

However much we think of ourselves as free individuals, we are in reality always running from God and he will pursue us to the End and possess us totally.

Isn’t that just a wee bit intimidating?

Meister Eckhart said that we are not truly seeking God, but that God is always seeking us. The problem is…we are not at home.

Are you ready to be Infinite, Absolute? I didn’t think so. The Fear of God is no laughing matter.

3 Responses to “The Fourth Obstacle to Peace”

  1. Dan Pallay says:

    Yes: No other goals, no other loves – but God. That’s very scary indeed! It’s not too scary while I’m reading ACIM. It’s when I lift my eyes from the page! Then “God as the only goal” makes no sense! A part of me rejects this immediately. It’s not that I have one or two goals other than God here in the world. It’s that I have endless multitudes of goals; they stream in as soon as my eyes lift from the page: breathing, eating, working, clothing, shelter, family, friends, debts, tasks, kindnesses, responsibilities. etc. Ken Wapnick provided a huge insight into this…problem, for lack of a better word, during a workshop I took in the mid 1980s. Smiling, and very gently he said, to the audience, “You think you’re here!” Of course he meant: here, in the world. It’s not that I merely think I’m here. I am here! Seemingly. And here are the 10,000 goals. What to do? I can’t escape into some false piety. But I keep studying ACIM.

  2. kokopelli says:

    Excellent thoughts. I think all we can do is to really understand our predicament and NOT pretend otherwise. Certainly false piety or bliss ninnyhood is not the way. In the Study Guides on the website there is a collection entitled, “Have you even begun to be a student of the Course?” Take a look at that.

  3. Lisa says:

    The only thing I disagree with. is that as scary as it is and how we honestly have to take a look at all our fears, especially our God fear, I believe that it is a laughing matter. This whole big bang projected, mis-thought began when we FORGOT TO LAUGH at the tiny, mad idea. I feel Jesus is telling us we are taking this whole thing way to seriously and that’s part of the problem.

    Love your insights!

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