I first met Paul Lowe in Phoenix in the late 90s. At the time it seemed to me that he was worth listening to. I ran across this article on the web a few years ago and, for some reason seem inclined to put it on the site for your consideration. I could have easily written the same words myself.


What is Enlightenment?
Paul Lowe

I have no real idea. I seem to have more ideas of what it is not.
At one time I did attempt to investigate the phenomenon,
but I didn't seem to get anything too substantial.
The people I visited or heard about who were declared 'enlightened,'
either by themselves or others, seemed to have . . . 'blind spots.'
I met a lot, but not all by any means of course.

I have no way of knowing if what I saw as blind spots were to do with them, or me
and my idea of how they would be if they were in such an 'exulted' state.
I feel there must be people who are 'clear.'

I think a combination of my ideas and classical ideas of the state is that,
most importantly to me, the person has no revenge, resentments, anger, judgements,
doesn't take anything seriously, and lives in a permanent state of unconditional love.

Classically, it is said that they can pass on the state to suitable people by transference.
They can manifest, heal, walk on water, disappear and appear simultaneously
whenever and wherever they want.
They are aware of, and can live in, all the 'levels' at the same time.
That sort of thing.
I don't think I have met any like that.
But of course I may have done and they didn't tell me -
because it wasn't appropriate to do so.

My overall feeling is that there are many different states
that are pronounced 'Enlightened[.'
I think that 'The True State,' whatever it is, is very, very rare.
Much more rare than we would like to admit.

'The True State.'
I have come to feel that there may be several stages to this event,
and even the 'final' stage is not final.
There seems to be no beginning and no end.
ALL is changing.

More frequent than 'The True State' seems to be 'The Satori.'
Not very deep; not very long, but a wonderful glimpse.
And VERY nice. Life changing.
I think when this 'happens,' it is so strong people think, 'This is It.'
I don't think it is.

Another event could be called 'Realization.'
The realization that we are not only the body, mind, and emotions.
We realize that the body mind and emotions have a 'life of their own.'
This does not mean that we are not responsible for them,
but that we were born with inherent programs,
and we pick up a lot more during our childhood conditioning -
religion, education, politics, social position of our parents, and general experiences in life.
We are recycled - with parts that have cellular memory of their own.

And something, that is not these things, can watch them.
When we realize this there is a great sense of freedom.
We are not yet 'There' though.

Another stage is just watching our behavior and being responsible.
Not judging, not supporting, not suppressing, just watching.
If full responsibility is taken - without judgement,
the conditioning, character, personality, ego, pride, start to disappear.
And still we remain unique.
I think that if we don't take care of this stage
we will become disconnected from whatever we have realized and
slip 'back' into a state that is less aware.

Another stage could be called "No-Self Realization.'
Who is the one watching that we are not the body mind or emotions?
And who is watching the watching?

At some stage a complete disappearance seems to happen.
Like a dreamless sleep. The Unformed.
Nobody there to know that there is nobody there.
Then, a lovely game.
Just floating in between - 'here' and 'there.'
And much more....

Lao Tzu is quoted as saying,
'The truth cannot be said. If it is said, it is not the truth.'
I feel that it is true that it cannot be said . . . but it can be heard.
It cannot be said, but in the saying, connecting with the state
that is already on the inside can happen.

Something I would like to add . . .
The majority of people do not seem to know that
there is an alternate way to live, other than the way they were given.

Some decide to 'improve their life.'
Others decide to 'Search for the Truth.'

All these states are based on survival - safety, security and predictability -
even though safety, security and predictability do not exist in this dimension -
we have invented the terms to pacify ourselves.
These states are an attempt to escape life just as it is, in each moment.
Many 'Spiritual Seekers' are attempting to escape life as it is.
Very few are true seekers.
In my opinion a true seeker is not seeking.
A true seeker is living life fully, unconditionally, gratefully,
with awareness and is continually open for anything that happens.

A true seeker has come to see that life is about living -
in each moment, just as it is.
Not thinking about, understanding, working on it or surrendering to it.
Not even accepting it. Just living it - with unconditional awareness

A true seeker knows that life is as it is, in each moment.
There is no alternative to this moment, just as it is.

A true seeker has come to see that free will, as we think of it, is an illusion.
What we call and like to believe in, as free will, is the temporary illusion
that we are able to say yes or no to situations.
We can of course, but if we need to experience this situation
we will draw it to us time and time again .
Until we take responsibility for it.

I am not intending to say that all is one way or the other.
The survivor can include expansion into more consciousness,
and the seeker can include the material world.
It is that one works and the other does not.
Nothing on the outside, in itself brings,
'The Peace that Passeth All Understanding.'

Nor am I intending to infer that one state is better than another - seeker or survivor.
Everything is.
No matter what, are we having fun?'

-Paul Lowe

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