Selected Movies

This is a list of movies I have found inspiring, stimulating and/or entertaining.


An incredibly insightful look into the workings of the mind. You may need to see it several times to get the drift.

American Beauty

A stunning and complex story set in the midst of suburban mid-life crisis. This movie, however, is about far more than that. Pay particular attention to the scene invoving the home movie of the trash bag dancing in the wind.

2001: A Space Odyssey

What can I say???? Says it all without saying anything. Is your preprogrammed memory running your ship?

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

A beautiful story of St Francis and St Claire. Directed by Francesco Zeffirelli and Lina Wertmuller, this 70s classic is probably far closer to the truth than most other fairy tales about this couple and particularly Francis.

King of Hearts

A beautiful and heartwarming tale set in WWI France. Probably begs the question, "What is sanity?" better than any other vehicle I have seen.

The Last Temptation of Christ

With author Nikos Kazantzakis' own inner journey as background, this speculation on the final days of Jesus portrays with possibly great accuracy what may have confronted Jesus himself.

Jacob's Ladder

"The devils that seem to be tearing your life away from you, seen from another level, are angels freeing you from your attachment to the earth." This quote from Meister Eckhardt is repeated by Jake's chiropractor so that you can't miss it. What you can miss are the references to Dante's Inferno. Challenging and profound.

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Czech author Milan Kundera's most well-known work asking, in a very European paced way, the question of what is life, what is death.

The Gods Must Be Crazy

A really beautiful movie with a witty and insightful metaphorical suggestion of the real value of technology.


The word is Hopi and means "world out of balance." This non-verbal assault on your senses portrays the post-modern world in a none-too-pleasant light. A cult classic.

Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe

Lily Tomlin's one woman Broadway show, written by her partner, Jane Wagner, and turned into a Showtime special. This classic commentary on the 70s is actually a timeless social commentary...and very funny to boot.

Man Facing Southeast

A brilliant Argentinian film based on an alien who is beamed into an insane asylum. Another great look at what is sanity.


Profound trialogue between a 'new age" politician (ala Jerry Brown of California), a poet and a nuclear physicist about the nature of time and reality. Not a thriller, but very profound film by Fritjof Capra.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

An unsettling look at the future of technology and a metaphor for the way we live our lives.

Beautiful Dreamers

Based on Walt Whitman's visit to a Canadian asylum, this movie is another look at the nature of sanity and reality.

Sister Act

Thoroughly entertaining and ironical look at religion and right vs wrong.

Being There

Possibly Peter Seller's quintessential work. A really good look at hype and spin and innocence vs. modern sophistry.

THX 1138 (1971)

George Lucas' first feature film, based on his UCLA film school project and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. An amalgum of Brave New World and 1984. Starring Robert Duvall, this futuristic story is a precursor to Star Wars in the sense of using futurism as contemporary cultural criticism.

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