Is A Course in Miracles a "mystical" path?

The real answer is "Who cares?" "Mystical" is but another noise on the eardrums as meaningless without experience as "God", "Holy Spirit" and the rest -- mostly used by perceptual mind to continue the debate, confusion and delay.

If we truly wish to explore this, I believe we must begin by defining what is meant by "mystical path." First of all, the Course is not truly a path at all -- it is a "journey without distance." The blue book is a road map pointing straight up. It has no true linear component. The whole idea of "a path" implies a process, evolution or becoming.

"It has taken time to misguide you so completely, but it takes no time at all to be what you are." [T282/303]

A Course in Miracles is the end of becoming! It is quite clear that we are already perfect and need do nothing but unlearn false concepts which interfere with our awareness of the perfection which always already exists. The miracle is the Course's answer to path -- a sudden shift in awareness which indicates the true relationship between all things. This out-of-time means is specifically for the collapsing of time.

"The working out of all correction takes no time at all. Yet the acceptance of the working out can seem to take forever." [T520/559]

Why does awakening seem like such a long process? Why does it look like evolution? Only our unwillingness to participate fully now. Who is willing to look upon his unwillingness, his fear, his greed, his selfishness, his hostility and primal rage? Haven't we, in our enthusiasm and immanent self-deception, blithely skipped over this none-too-attractive but essential beginning step?

As for the word "mystical," I believe, if we examine closely, that esoteric and metaphysical literature and teachings are very confused about the meaning of "revelation." As best I can surmise, many "enlightened" ones have but realized what the Course calls "true perception" or "salvation" or "the vision of Christ." Their awakening still has an active perceptual content. According to the Course this is not truly revelation. Once again, we become bogged down in the words.

I believe that A Course in Miracles is attempting to clarify these somewhat different but inextricably interrelated experiences. The ultimate goal is revelation, union with God, which is completely and intensely personal and beyond words or action. The Course actually says so several times. It, however, points to the fact that, if we are willing, we can and must take a very preliminary step with the help of the Holy Spirit -- learning what it calls forgiveness or true perception, which begins by realizing the complete falsity and illusory nature of our present perception. Who has done that? Who dares to do that? The miracle is the means for arriving at this changed perception.

Let's leave mystical paths out of consideration entirely. In this I am very much a Buddhist. Gautama said that man will never settle the issue of God so let us look on the cause of human suffering exactly as and where it is.


THIS is A Course in Miracles!

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