DVD Videos

For the first (and probably last) time videos of talks with students are made available. Very few sessions were ever recorded, but in 2001 while on holiday in New Zealand, daan was asked to conduct a series of talks on The Obstacles to Peace. There were 4 sessions over 3 days that were recorded on amateur video. Sometime later these original videos were converted to a set of VHS video tapes. The originals have been long since lost or misplaced, but the VHS tapes recently resurfaced. These have been transferred to DVDs and are being made available for purchase. The video quality is not of very high standard (in particular the end of #4 where the tape had been slightly damaged) and there has been no "dressing up" with graphics and the like. They are offered in their original, unadorned style. This was the last time daan has spoken publicly about A Course in Miracles. He continues to maintain his website - www.miracles.org.nz and the accompanying blog.

The set consists of 4 DVDs containing over 6 hours of material that you may find both entertaining and enlightening. Each set individually produced on writeable DVDs. The video is in NTSC (US) format. Most later model PAL players will also play NTSC. If you know for sure that you need PAL format please email.

If you receive the NTSC set and have troubles viewing, please return and a custom-made PAL set will be sent to you.

The Obstacles to Peace

the Auckland Sessions 2001

4 DVD set in plastic case

$50 USD