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These are various sites that I have been told about. The content may vary greatly. I make no attempt to monitor or evaluate their content. The only "requirement" is that they be primarily devoted to ACIM and that commercial considerations are minimal. They are included for your information purposes only. Please let me know via email if a link is outdated or does not work.

More of My Photography - site is (continually) under development


Miracle Studies - Australia (James Hale)

Circle of Atonement - Sedona, Arizona

Foundation for Inner Peace

Foundation for "A Course in Miracles"

Undoing Joey - a wonderful, personal site by Patricia O'Farrell

Miracle Distribution Center

(They have a link to study group listings - U.S. & International - at the bottom of their home page)

It's All an Illusion - a book on illusion by Raveena Nash featuring ACIM.

Jon Mundy & Miracles Magazine

Carol Howe - ACIM based counselling and therapy

Biography of Bill Thetford - by Carol Howe

Endeavor Academy

Miracles Healing Center

Australian Centre for Inner Peace - Michael Dawson

A Course in Miracles and the Holy Spirit

Southern Miracles (Australia)

Miracles Studies - UK - this site is no longer current

Marianne Williamson

Miracle Link - Australia (Bill & Pam McDonald)

California Miracles Center

Sean Reagan - another personal site worthy of a look.

Miracles Online - online classes with Helen Gordon

ACIM Search Program - freeware search program for ACIM

Miracle Studies - US

Pathways of Light

Miracle Times

The Complete Urtext with search capability

MiraclesOne Foundation


Various interlinked sites (not all ACIM)

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