"There is no middle ground in any aspect of salvation." [T561/604]

"Anger is never justified." [T593/638]

"You have one test...If you are wholly free of fear of any kind." [T276/297]

"You need offer only undivided attention." [T211/227]

"Now you need but to remember you need do nothing." [T363/389]

"Your task is not to seek for love...." [T315/338]

"The body no more dies than it can feel. It does nothing." [T389/418]

"...guilt is...the sole cause of pain in any form." [T591/635]

"The world you see does not exist." [T559/602]

"...eyes and ears are senses without sense." [T559/601]

"You are not sick and you cannot die." [T177/191]

"...the essential thing is learning that you do not know." [T275/296]

"The present is before time was...." [T234/252]

"What is joyful to you is painful to the ego...." [T124/134]

"...it is necessary to seek for what is false." [T315/338]

"This is an insane world...." [T251/271]

"...your mind is really a blank." [W16/16]

"Only very few can hear God's Voice at all...." [M30/31]

"Simplicity is very difficult for twisted minds." [T253/272]

"Who is the 'you' who are living in this world?" [T54/59]

"...you have no basis at all for ordering your thoughts." [T273/294]

"...you do not see anything that is really alive or really joyous." [W28/28]

"One illusion cherished...makes all truth meaningless...." [T439/472]

"The first step...is the undoing of the getting concept." [T99/107]

"There are no idle thoughts." [T27/31]

"There is no world!" [W237/243]

"All that you are asked to do is to make room for truth." [T419/449]

"Do you prefer that you be right or happy?" [T573/617]

"The past that you remember never was...." [T270/291]

"Your function...is only to decide against deciding what you want..." [T260/280]

"There is no life outside of Heaven." [T459/493]

"There is nothing outside you." [T358/384]

"A healed mind does not plan." [W246/253]

"Mistake not truce for peace...." [T461/496]

"Depression is an inevitable consequence of separation." [W63/63]

"To be alone is to be guilty." [T290/312]

"...to be with a body is not communication." [T297/319]

"Forget this world, forget this course...." [W350/360]

"Ownership is a dangerous concept if it is left to you." [T238/256]

"...there are no private thoughts." [W30/30]

"There is no point in trying to change the world." [W34/34]

"Ultimately space is as meaningless as time. Both are merely beliefs." [T11/14]

"Those who see themselves as whole make no demands." [W56/56]

"No one who lives in fear is really alive." [T30/35]

"...sickness is of the mind, and has nothing to do with the body." [M17/18]

"Love makes no comparisons." [W362/372]

"You do not know the meaning of anything you perceive." [T196/211]

"What is not love is murder." [T461/496]

"This course is easy just because it makes no compromise." [T460/495]

"There is no death, but there is a belief in death." [T46/51]

"The Atonement is a total commitment." [T17/20]

all quotes from A Course in Miracles ©1975,85,92 Foundation for Inner Peace

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