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"Forgiveness is a selective remembering, based not on your selection." [T330/354]

"Let the dead and gone be peacefully forgotten." [T512/551]

"There is a place in you where this whole world has been forgotten...." [T570/614]

"You must learn that time is solely at your disposal...." [T168/181]

"Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelessly." [T146/157]

"...a slight twinge of annoyance is nothing but a veil drawn over intense fury." [W32/32]

"The world you see is but a judgment on yourself." [T400/430]

"Always has no direction." [T221/237]

"The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that." [T415/445]

"You are not the victim of the world you see because you invented it." [W49/49]

"The world you see does nothing. It has no effects at all." [W351/362]

"The body is outside you...." [T360/386]

"You cannot lay aside the obstacles to real vision without looking upon them...." [T204/220]

"Understand totally by understanding totality." [T120/129]

"You do not see." [T415/445]

"The special love relationship is an attempt to bring love into separation." [T315/338]

"Love is not special." [T247/265]

"...to believe in truth you do not have to do anything." [T200/215]

"...if you perceive but one need in yourself you will be healed." [T201/216]

"...fear and attack are inevitably associated." [T202/217]

"If you cannot hear the Voice for God, it is because you do not choose to listen." [T57/62]

"All things work together for good." [T59/65]

"Any thought system that confuses God and the body must be insane." [T60/66]

"The ego is nothing more than a part of your belief about yourself." [T61/67]

"The Holy Spirit knows that you both have everything and are everything." [T56/62]

"...to know your brother is to know God." [T62/69]

"Love does not conquer all things, but it does set all things right." [T63/69]

"...in the Kingdom there is no difference between having and being...." [T64/70]

"God is praised whenever any mind learns to be wholly helpful." [T65/71]

"Health is inner peace." [T15/18]

"[Love] has no secrets; nothing that it would keep apart and hide." [T407/436]

"Salvation is always ready and always there." [M6/7]

"You do not know the meaning of love, and that is your handicap." [T210/226]

"Ask for light and learn that you are light." [T131/141]

"Heal your brothers simply by accepting God for them." [T171/184]

"To believe a Son of God is sick is to worship the same idol he does." [T171/185]

"Reality can dawn only on an unclouded mind." [T174/187]

"'Laws of chaos' is a meaningless term." [T174/188]

"To sense is not to know." [W409/419]

"...all attitudes are ego-based." [T52/57]

"Body appetites are not physical in origin." [T53/58]

"Illusions are investments. They will last as long as you value them." [T118/127]

"The Son of God is you." [W105/106]

all quotations from A Course in Miracles ©1975,85,92 Foundation for Inner Peace

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